Mr. Gurpreet Singh FRCS (G); FRCS (Ed); D. Urol; DNBE; FRCS (Urology); PGC TLCP

Mr. Gurpreet Singh FRCS (G); FRCS (Ed); D. Urol; DNBE; FRCS (Urology); PGC TLCP

Mr. Singh completed his undergraduate education from New-Delhi India and did his Post-graduate training in Urology with a sub-specialist interest in Neuro-urology, in Sheffield. He was appointed a consultant at Southport DGH and the regional Spinal Injuries Unit in 1996. In 2002 he was made an honorary consultant in neuro-urology, for the Walton Centre. He has been responsible for co-authoring national standards for the urological management of spinal cord injury patients and a good urodynamics guidance for the Department of Health.

Gurpreet’s research interest is in patient safety and clinical priorities in the urological management of the spinal injury patient; and he has over a 150 peer reviewed publications. He has also been invited to chair scientific sessions and present at national and international meetings.

In 2010, Mr Singh was appointed an Associate Postgraduate Dean for Mersey Deanery; and subsequently Health Education North-West. This appointment followed his time as a SAC member in Urology, as the Training programme director in Urology for Mersey. He was the national lead for the e-logbook in Urology. As the Associate dean Gurpreet had a pivotal role in setting up trainee revalidation and he was the regional SAS dean.

Mr Singh also Chaired the Mersey Consultant’s committee and represented Mersey at CC, Nationally. He retired from active NHS practice in February 2017 and continues with private practice and with the GMC where he serves as an enhanced Educational Associate and chairs FtP panels. He also serves as the lead Assessor for NCAS.

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